Welcome to The Space!

“No-one belongs here more than you…”


The Space is Scotland’s first Pay What You Decide Venue for events, workshops, food, non-alcoholic drink and laughter. The Space provides activities for the mind, body and soul: a place for music, art, comedy, film, performance, education and discussions. Check out our Facebook page for details on upcoming workshops and events here at The Space. We invite everyone to try something new, meet new friends, and learn new skills. Come join us find out what we are all about!

The Living Room at The Space is a donations based café. We collect surplus stock from businesses across Glasgow and prepare delicious, as healthy as possible, wholesome meals, making them available to the public in exchange for a small donation. We want everyone to have access to the café so we offer the option to volunteer as a contribution.

Communities across Glasgow will benefit from access to healthy meals which will be free at the point of delivery. They will further benefit from daily access to a non-commercial space to relax, socialise, exchange ideas and find out about what else is going on in their community.

Our project will support businesses in Glasgow by helping them tackle their food waste and comply with new laws on food waste disposal. These businesses will further benefit from being seen to support a local social enterprise.

The Living Room opened for 4 days a week from: Thursday to Sunday between 12pm – 6pm from the 1st June 2017 thanks to support from Keep Scotland Beautiful which we aim to extend to 6 days a week later in the year.

The Living Room

We are located at: The Space, 257 London Road, Glasgow, G40 1PE
“No-one belongs here more than you…”