Sponsor us


We are looking for businesses and other organisations to invest in The Space and the collaborative network it is building.

If you would like to see more investment in the Carlton on into the Glasgow community as a whole then this is a way your business can do that and be seen to be supporting new growth and ideas.

We are looking for both cash and in kind support from across the board.


  • You could sponsor an event or project
  • You could give materials or specialist skills or support
  • You could sponsor The Space as a whole


In return we will give you prime advertising on a like for like basis. The will publicise your CSR investments. We will put all sponsors on our thank you wall and on our website.  We are not looking for hand-outs. We are looking to symbiotically work with businesses and organisations who share our values and mission.

We believe collaboration rather than just competition is the solution to a more efficient social and commercial environment for us all. If you agree please get in touch.


E:mail: info@thespacescotland.org