People Without Labels

PWL Logo-08People Without Labels (PWL) is a charity that has a vision of supporting people to flourish and realise their full potential.

People Without Labels is the team behind The Space made up of the volunteers who have renovated the building for the past 2-3 years.

We are located in the East End of Glasgow in an area of multiple deprivation. People Without Labels will focus on helping individuals who suffer from social isolation and will aim to create a space for people to galvanise positive social change.

We aim to reclaim and restore space, to restore opportunity and restore belief in potential through creative expression, interaction and empowerment.

People Without Labels will build links and internal structures that can facilitate and advocate for those most isolated in the wider community so they can have a voice and a role in deciding what arts activities and services we aim to provide.

People Without Labels will ensure activities are accessible not just physically but financially and democratically. Also, we will provide a voice, a language and more importantly the space and tools for a community to be able to enact and empower itself.

People Without Labels will build and develop a volunteer programme focusing on personal goal led learning and fulfillment throughout volunteering and contribution.

People Without Labels is a charity registered in Scotland (SC047196)


Registered office c/o: The Space, 257 London Road, Glasgow, G40 1PE