Nae Such Thing


At Nae Such Thing Cafe we intercept and redistribute food that would have otherwise been wasted and provide a community living room like no other. We cook and serve healthy meals on a pay as you feel basis, bringing people together for food, music, games, workshops and much more.

‘Nae Such Thing’ is ran on a three tier donation model:

  1. Food donations – food is intercepted and saved from landfill
  2. Volunteer time – people can contribute through volunteering
  3. Pay What You Feel – Everything is given on a PWYF basis empowering everyone to feel welcome and contribute back in some way

We opened for 4 days a week from 1st June thanks to funding support from Keep Scotland Beautiful which will extend to 6 days a week later in the year. We were lucky to be able a paid project positions to the people of Glasgow.

Any questions? Phone Lindsey (Project Manager) on 07801373641 or email on