ANNOUNCING East End Free Festival – 7th September

East End Free Festival

Join us on the 7th September 2019 for a full day of celebrating music and arts at The Space

Think the Edinburgh Free Fringe, only more Glaswegian, and more regular. Taking place on the 7th September and ran by charity People Without Labels, this arts and music all-dayer will take place every month at The Space, smack bang in the heart of The Calton.


This one day festival is absolutely free to attend and will be showcasing a diverse and representative array of acts from all over Scotland! 

We are excited to welcome you to the premier instalment of this monthly all day festival. 


The East End Free Festival festival is committed to:

.:: Showcasing a diverse and representative array of acts ::. 
That means 50/50 gender representation and providing space for performers of all ages, ethnicities, orientations and abilities.

.:: Having a presence throughout the year ::.  
A true resource for the community rather than a one-off pop up. Thats why we are putting it on the first Saturday of every month.

.:: Keeping the festival free at the point of use ::.
Music and art has the power to build communities, inspire and manifest new abilities and careers and it allows us to express our humanity together. The best antidote to a seemingly bleak world. Thats why it has to be open to everyone. People can pay it forward if they have the means but no payment is necessary to participate and enjoy.

.:: Pay all performers as much as we can ::. 
so artists aren’t out of pocket and can sustain and grow their immense talents. We will continue to try gather other sources of income so we can offer more opportunities to perform.

If you would like to get involved as a volunteer or perform please get in touch with us at


Affordable creative studios for rent at The Space

We are dedicated to providing affordable space for everyone, especially our city’s artists!

Get in touch if you are looking for an affordable creative studio space at

More info


Your local community shop at The Space

Visit our community shop at The Space where we have partnered up with Fair Share to bring food to everyone in the local Calton Community!

Fresh fruit and veg, bread, cakes and much more available.

You can visit us Friday – Sunday and take a bag of food for a pay what you decide price.


The Calton Free Festival – Call out for local business partnerships

We are delighted to have received support from Glasgow City Council for The Calton Free Festival (3rd August 2019) however in order to access the funding we have to build our portfolio of business sponsorship.

We are looking for partnerships worth anywhere between £100 and £10,000. We are looking for both cash and in-kind support from your business and in return we can offer you pride of place as a supporter of local community music, comedy and arts, distribution across thousands of flyers and posters monthly as well as a presence at the festival itself each month.

Interested or curious? Know someone we should be talking to? Please share, comment or PM and we will get in touch.

Together we can bring The Calton Free Festival alive!


The Calton Free Festival 3rd August 2019 All Dayer

For the people, by the people!

Think the Edinburgh Free Fringe, only more Glaswegian, and more regular. Taking place on the 3rd of August 2019 and ran by charity People Without Labels, this arts and music all-dayer will take place every month at The Space, smack bang in the heart of The Calton.

If you would like to get involved as a volunteer or performer please get in touch with us at!


Subsidised Studio Opportunities!


We have studio spaces on our second floor still available! They are going fast though. They are the cheapest studio space for artists in Glasgow so no surprises. They are based on a price of £9 per sq ft. This remaining large 1 costs only £120 all inclusive meaning your wi-fi, electricity, water and rates are included. There is space for up to 4 desks to share.


Come view see if suits your needs. Become part of a growing network of amazing artists musicians and community projects at On The Corner.


Paid job opportunities for 2017!



Hi guys,


We are really excited to say that in the new year we are looking to hire not 1 but 2 new members of the team. They will be OTC’s very first paid positions.


We are looking to hire a booking manager to deal with external bookings for our event, gallery, conference, cinema and photo/film shoot spaces.


Here is a full job description:



We are also looking for an events/PR manager. This person will be responsible for organising and promoting our own in house series of events ran by OTC. This could be everything from weekly cinema nights to gigs.


Here is a full job description:



If interested in applying or finding out more please contact or call Matt on 07443426187 with a CV and cover letter.


Hours would be pretty flexible but you might have to work some evenings or weekends depending on events although you would not be expected to attend every event of course.


Pay is 18,000 pro rata which means for bookings manager is roughly £480 per month for 10 – 15 hours work per week (2 days a week) and for events manager is 840 per month for 20 – 25 hours per week (3/4 days a week)


The deadline for submissions is December 28th at 10pm.


We are looking to gather and shortlist candidates and hold interviews mid January with a view to beginning asap.


Here’s to exciting new plans!


Booking Event Rental space

Spaces for rent – Perfect for conferences, galleries, theaters, cinemas, gigs or club nights!

Space for Art – Galleries, exhibits and year round display




Weekday rate from- £35

Weekend booking from – £45 per day

Week long from – £150

Wall space from £5 per week

Window display from £20 per week


Space for Events – Practice and Perform




Venue capacity 150 standing, 60 seated

Weekday 9 – 5 rate – £15 per hour

Evenings and Weekends – £25 per hour

Sound and lighting engineer – £20 per hour

PA hire from £5 – £50 depending on requirements

Backline from £5 – £50 depending on requirements

Staging – £30 Seating for up to 60 – £30 P

rojector and large screen – £20 See

Equipment Hire for full details and prices


Ideal for your Conferences, meetings, workshops


There are multiple options for your needs. Everything from small 3 person break away rooms to larger 60 person conference suites. We can provide a bespoke layout and design for whatever your conference needs are. Whether its multiple rooms with break away spaces, catering, cinema space, private rooms – you name it. We can provide tables, chairs, flip charts, catering, projectors and multi- functional spaces bespoke to your needs. For a bespoke quote, simply contact us with the details at the bottom.


Take a look for your photo/filmshoots


Multiple unique shooting locations, enquire to set up viewing.

THE OTC FAMILY– Do It Together


OTC is not just another community centre. It is a space for common unity.

We are Collectively Independent –We do not rely on any public or council funding. Each project is financially independent and creatively autonomous. Yet all projects work towards engaging with and bettering their community in different ways. Together we are building a synergetic network much larger than the sum of its parts.

We promote ownership – We are a space ran for and by the community. All we provide is open and affordable space for emergence. Emergence of creativity, learning, empowerment and importantly – fun! OTC aims to be sustained and directed by the network it is harnessing and building.

We are accessible without labels – We are ran democratically with equal opportunities, striving to be as accessible and inviting as possible every day. We actively seek and promote community participation from the ground up.

We Dae It Together – We are entirely volunteer ran. All people and projects help and promote one another symbiotically.

If you are a social enterprise or community based project bringing benefit to the area through the work you wish to do at OTC then let us know about it and we may ask our community panel to apply a 20% discount



For rental and bookings, press and general enquries please call


Matt on 07443426187




Calling All Artists & Designers!

otc3Help transform the interiors and exterior of our derelict premises into a vibrant space for communities in the East End and Greater Glasgow!

On The Corner are looking for creatives from all disciplines and walks of life to join our network of volunteers and help breathe live back into our building which is currently undergoing much renovation. Part of our ambition is to bring the joy of the arts to a much wider audience in the East End, therefore we want to make an aesthetically entrancing space within which to hold events and allow everyone’s creativity to flourish.

This mammoth task is completely open ended and may result in the creation of works of sculpture, interactive installations, textiles, painted murals, illustration and almost anything that makes our spaces more interesting and beautiful. At this point in time we are particularly in need of people to work on signage, murals and interior design. If this opportunity excites you then we’d love to hear from you!

More information: Arts Team Volunteers

Contact:  07851462789 (Ronan)


Bring the noise!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


There is a distinct lack of space in Glasgow for creatives to make a lot of noise. We at OTC want to help alleviate that. Rather than being afraid of sound, we want to build a network hub with lots of creative sounds happening all over the place. That is why we want our flagship rental space to be dedicated to music in some way or other.

We are looking for maybe some music teachers to use the space as a practice suite

Or a record label to set up a base

Or a few bands to build a recording hub


You tell us what creative uses you can think of to use the space. We are happy to support whatever your needs are.


You would be sharing a floor with 10 other musicians and a building with multiple other music projects that includes an acoustic and live stage area as well as a sensory immersion chamber. Come join the network of good things happening!


The space spreads over 1400 sq ft in total and rent comes in at £1000 per calendar month however there is possibilities for further discounts for tenants renting long term and/or providing some social benefit to the community.


If this turns on any switches in your head please do get in touch and come on in for a look around.


Bring the noise!


Phone Matt on 07443426187