Barriers in Accessibility – Glasgow Art Sector Survey

We have recently put together a survey to collect information about accessibility issues in the arts sector and how our charity can potentially help remove those barriers. The purpose of this survey is to collect demographic information, identify barriers and find out what projects and adjustments the Space can offer that would most benefit the disabled creative community in Glasgow.

The survey is hosted on Google Forms and consists of 5 sections. Each section is made up of a series of multiple choice questions with one long form text based question at the end.

On the 13th of May there will also be a discussion event at the Space & the Venue as part of Open Studios, for those who prefer to share their thoughts in person. We will be using the results of this survey and the in person discussion to help support our funding applications for these proposed projects. 

We would very much appreciate it if you can take the time to fill in our survey below.

By TheSpaceScotland

We are building a network of life love and laughter for all.

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