Bring the noise!

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There is a distinct lack of space in Glasgow for creatives to make a lot of noise. We at OTC want to help alleviate that. Rather than being afraid of sound, we want to build a network hub with lots of creative sounds happening all over the place. That is why we want our flagship rental space to be dedicated to music in some way or other.

We are looking for maybe some music teachers to use the space as a practice suite

Or a record label to set up a base

Or a few bands to build a recording hub


You tell us what creative uses you can think of to use the space. We are happy to support whatever your needs are.


You would be sharing a floor with 10 other musicians and a building with multiple other music projects that includes an acoustic and live stage area as well as a sensory immersion chamber. Come join the network of good things happening!


The space spreads over 1400 sq ft in total and rent comes in at £1000 per calendar month however there is possibilities for further discounts for tenants renting long term and/or providing some social benefit to the community.


If this turns on any switches in your head please do get in touch and come on in for a look around.


Bring the noise!


Phone Matt on 07443426187



By TheSpaceScotland

We are building a network of life love and laughter for all.

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