1 Year At OTC Scotland!

Another day in the office, when a few of our team were working away in the reception. Some kind hearted fellows came in with a generous food donation full of salads, fruits, veggies and bread – topped off with two ENORMOUS birthday cakes! It was only then that we looked at each other and said hey, its our birthday!

So after a year since we first got our keys a lot of things have changed. Its been a turbulent whirlwind of activities and experiences and its safe to say we have all gained a more  holistic view of the potential OTC really has in the next coming months and years. So heres a short but sweet nut shell of some of the things we have been up to over the past year:


In our space we have hosted our first of many events collaborating with amazing groups and individuals. We had a monthly social enterprise market featuring lots of social enterprises from around glasgow, upcycling workshops, halloween day raves, mum & baby clothes swap, aerobics, yoga and suited and booted fundraisers to name a few!

We also have our weekly saturday living room vibe hang out space ran by Nae such thing as A Free lunch, offering pay as you feel cafe munch accompanied by free play with musical instruments, english classes and concrete gardens swap shop. This is an on going event which happens every saturday from 12-4pm.


We have been very busy renovating different spaces in the building to transform what was a crumbling space into something exciting and usable for the community. Come down and see what we have been up to!


We are focusing all our energies putting together new members to our power team which will drive OTC Scotland forward into the amazing multi functional hub its destined to be. If you are interested in  getting involved have a wee look at our volunteering and opportunities pages and get in touch!

By TheSpaceScotland

We are building a network of life love and laughter for all.

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