We are looking for a Bookings Manager


Are you great at networking?

Got some experience of finding people to fill places?

Hows your sales pitch?


We are looking for a spectacular booking and rentals manager. Someone who knows how to advertise well, demonstrate accurately and positively and fill our space with lots of lovely new organisations and individuals all doing good things.

We wanta thriving space full of social enterprises, charities and those with bright ideas needing a hand to start up. Artists, musicians, cinema and event organisers all need a place to thrive and we can be it.

Being a social enterprise means we need income to become fully sustainable. The community needs something it can rely on. Therefore we need someone good with money who can create some bread and butter through our letting and booking spaces so the amazing things happening at OTC can continue. Remember we are not publicly funded by any government or council or big corporation. We exist to serve the network of beautiful people living in Glasgow and wider. We in turn need help to make enough to cover basic costs and continue to build.


Full job description:

Bookings and Rentals Manager


If you would like to discuss or apply please contact:

or phone Matt on 07443426187


By TheSpaceScotland

We are building a network of life love and laughter for all.

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