Love Yourself This Week!

Morning everyone!

This week we’re going to try something a little different on the social media profiles for OTC.

Hopefully those of you who follow us already are aware of us teaming up with the awesome people at Sweet Aerobics (here’s their facebook page to learn more about them –

They will be hosting their ‘Love Yourself’ event at OTC this Valentines Day, Sunday at 12-5pm! Come along to this fun event to enjoy some ‘me’ time and lose yourself in relaxing yoga classes and other exciting, positive workshops.

So with it being the week leading up to the day of love, we are going to be posting on all our social media outlets throughout the week with the hashtag – #LoveOTC ! That’s right we want you to get involved and spread the word of loving yourself!

We’ll be updating daily here on the blog as well as our twitter, Instagram and Facebook with different treats and ideas to help you love yourself and enjoy this time of the year regardless if you have a significant other or not!

So remember to include the hashtag #LoveOTC because us lot at OTC  want to know about all the ways that you love yourself!

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